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Boxes And Packing Supplies

We recommend the use of new, double skinned, purpose made removal boxes to ensure the safety of your possessions. If you decide on pre-used, to save a little, please ensure they are double, not single walled and in good useable condition. Supermarket banana boxes are an ideal free solution. We usually have a selection of pre used boxes.

We can supply you with high quality, new orpre used purpose made removal boxes and associated packing materials at highly competitive prices. Below is an example of the popular sizes we recommend and use ourselves. We can supply other sizes if required. Sizes Are In Inches.

18 x 18 x 12. Ideal for books, CD's and heavier items. £2.45 each.

18 x 18 x 18/20. Suited for general items, crockery, ornaments etc. £2.95 each.

18 x 18 x 30. These tea chest size boxes are for general items but not advised to make too heavy. £3.95 each.

36 x 18 x 10. Ideal for clothing and larger (not too heavy) items. £4.45 each.

Wardrobe boxes, complete with plastic hanger. £9.95 each.

Bubble wrap @ 500mm (approx 20 inches) x 100 metres £17.50 each.. Other sizes available.

We can also supply you with acid free wrapping paper, bubble wrap, tape and marker pens, usually from stock. Other requirements, such as sofa covers etc can be ordered if not in stock.

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